Android Auto: all smartphones running Android 11 will be able to connect wirelessly

All Android 11 compatible smartphones will be able to connect to Android Auto wirelessly. Google is finally allowing smartphones other than Samsung’s Pixels and Galaxy to do without the USB cable.

Google has just updated its Android Auto support page and announced the wireless connection for all smartphones, as long as they are compatible with Android 11. It is the fulfillment of an old promise that will have put time to come true. Android Auto went wireless in April 2018, but only Google Pixels could benefit from it initially. Last year, compatibility was extended to a handful of Samsung smartphones.

Android Auto: Pixels and Samsung smartphones no longer have exclusive wireless connection

The Google Pixels and some Galaxy devices can benefit from it with Android 10, or even Android 9 Pie (Galaxy S8 / S8 + or Note 8). Other smartphones will be able to use Android Auto wirelessly with the arrival of the Android 11 update. However, there are two requirements: the car stereo must be Android Auto Wireless certified and have a WiFi connection.

You will not be able to enjoy the functionality without this connectivity. Most cars still don’t have it, but a growing number of manufacturers have started offering it for convenience. The smartphone must also be compatible with the 5 Ghz frequency band for the WiFi connection, as Google specifies on the support page.

Because not everyone likes to mess around with USB cables, Android Auto Wireless is a welcome feature for many users, as long as you have enough battery life to do without the cable. As for Android 11, the final version update will be available from September, starting with the Google Pixels. Each manufacturer will then deploy its update schedule. As usual, many users will have to wait several months to receive it.

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