iOS 14 Leak: Features, Release Date And more Updates

Apple announced during WWDC 2020 that iphone and iPod Touch will be operated by iOS 14 operating system. This piece of news is so important taking into account the expected and rumored features to be added to ios 14.

And as iphone fans await the release of iPhone 12, knowing more about the features of this enhanced operating system will be great news in 2020.

iOS 14 expected features

IOS 14 SCREEN VIEW widgets and new features

Perhaps one of the major iOS 14 leaks is the new app library where we can start to forget the way icons have been viewed on our home screen. It looks like it’s not a good news for many fans as they like the classic version of iPhone screen view but with iOS 14, they can organize the surface screen in a more efficient manner which allows them to get rid of some apps, adding some apps to the home screen or even sorting applications based on preference or usage.

iOs 14 widget concept also makes it possible for  users to drag, resize or replace apps on the screen.

Users can simply add widgets from the Today View and customize the screen easily.

One additional new feature in iOS 14 is the support of picture in a picture. It seems that Apple wants to extend that feature already found on iPod to the iPhone 12 which is expected to be released in this summer.

Improvements on iOS 14 have also impacted Siri as it will no longer overtake 100% of the screen. With a new Siri interface, users can easily use other functionalities.

Other expected features include an offline translation app(supporting 11 languages), a new App clip that allows users to access to a small part of the app with no need to download the entire parts of it and last but not least and launching an app with  a single tap.

What are  iOS 14 compatible devices?

The simple answer is that if you iPhone is operated by iOS 13, this means than starting with iPhone 6s , your iPhone will be ready to operate iOS 14.

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iOS 14 Leak: Features, Release Date And more Updates