Microsoft is preparing the new One Outlook application

Microsoft is testing the new One Outlook app that will replace the email and calendar apps that come with Windows 10.
One Outlook is a new version of Outlook designed for big-screen experiences, according to a new leak.
While the app won’t work without a Microsoft on-premises account, the One Outlook app replaces the Win32 and UWP desktop versions of Outlook, Outlook Web Access, and the macOS desktop app.
Microsoft is also hosting a full web version of the new Outlook Online, and the company is adopting a single desktop application based on the web version of Outlook.
The leaked app is clearly in an early state. Microsoft is warning employees that it is currently designed for users of older versions of the code and does not include an offline mode.
This early version has been leaked, but the final Windows 10 Mail replacement might not arrive until next year.
Also, it is reported that this app will likely enter a larger preview schedule by the end of 2021, with the goal of replacing the mail and calendar apps in Windows 10 in 2022.
In the days of Windows 8, Microsoft officials insisted that the two built-in mail and calendar apps, less powerful than Outlook, were the future of mail at Microsoft.
There were rumors at one point that Microsoft was considering renaming the Mail and Calendar app package to Outlook, which made the situation worse with several different products called Outlook.
The company has started adding new features to Outlook for the web since Microsoft moved away from Windows 8 and its original strategy, the Universal Windows Platform UWP.
However, it has so far continued to stick with the current email and calendar apps for a reason, rather than building all of its Outlook-based email apps.
Microsoft currently offers different versions of Outlook for Windows, Mac, web, iOS, and Android devices, and its managers tend to call it the old Outlook.

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