Samsung Health app will support friend challenge feature

Samsung says one of its goals for this year 2021 is to adapt and respond to market changes in a way that puts its customers first. In fact, the company is well aware that more people are exercising at home than ever before, and for this reason the app (Samsung Health) will be receiving an update soon. You can easily challenge your friends to fitness competitions.

What are the details?

The feature is called (group challenge). More simply, users of the Samsung Health app can communicate with friends and invite them to fitness competitions. Also, users will be able to challenge up to 9 friends. According to the company, friends can join the challenge even if they are not app users.
This functionality will be added to the app via a new update scheduled for January 12, and two days before the Unpacked 2021 event. After the update, users will see new options by accessing the tab (together) at the bottom of the screen. By accessing (more) competitors will be educated to know who is the fastest and who has scored the most steps and many other drills.
In addition to announcing this feature, Samsung also revealed facts about its fitness app. For example, over 200 million people around the world used the app in 2020.
Another great feature for the Samsung trainer
It should be noted that Samsung recently introduced a new feature called Smart Trainer, or simply the Samsung Trainer, on modern Samsung TV screens that use a webcam. This feature helps you calculate each exercise and analyze your appearance. It is part of the (Samsung Health) app which was launched via devices last year.
The new intelligent training function allows real-time monitoring and analysis of the situation, just like a personal trainer, during and after a workout. The (Smart Trainer) function provides feedback on the form, helps you calculate the number of exercises and estimates the calories burned.
Samsung explains that Smart Trainer displays an AI-powered trainer on the left screen and a photo of you on the right, allowing you to check your posture, count the number of exercises and receive real-time feedback. on your performance, as if you were in a personal training class.
With the new auto-sync feature that connects a selection of screens from Samsung smart TVs, Galaxy phones and Galaxy watches, you can choose the exercise on your phone and send it to the TV, while your watch automatically tracks your progress without touching any button; Since the function relies on an external camera to assess depending on the quality of the camera used, its accuracy may be affected.

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