Snapchat new features: Soon the app will add more updates

During the Partner Summit keynote, Snapchat announced some impressive new features to be updated to the app. During the same event, the announcement of Snapchat new features and partners reveal to what level it view the future.

The Partner Summit keynote took place last month. However, due to Covid-19 issues, many were unconfident about snapchat ability to add these new features. Today Snapchat proved its faithfulness but setting an exact action plan for the future with these features and more enhanced abilities.

What are Snapchat new features?

Many were doubtful when Snapchat announced the new features as the company mentioned a wide range of them (From a new navigation bar to an AR experience and more other details). We will discuss them one by one to show you how will your Snapchat look pretty much soon.

Adopted navigation tools

Snapchat new navigation feature

Some of us are used to the old navigation tools. However, the newer one will expand your user experience of the app; giving you a smooth and easy interface.

New action Bar:

action bar snapchat

Soon, you will benefit from the new action bar element. This element changes depending on your activity on the app. Besides, it will enable you to enjoy doing different activities easily.

 Snap Map popular spots:

This elements targets geo-localization data and transfer it to your friends in terms of your activity or photos. The Snap Map popular spots will serve to identify the most popular points and even serve to make orders based on your location in the map.

Topic: Snapchat new feature for Stories

Snapchat adds a classic feature that has been used by many other apps. You can simply submit a photo or a video in a specified area where all people can see it for a period. A special team will work to categorize the different stories based on events or activities.

Story Replies: Now you can talk to your celebrity

This Snapchat new feature is attractive. Fans can communicate with their best celebrity on his or her story. From the other side, the celebrity can turn the fan “Story Replies” into stickers and submit them to their stories.

New AR feature to the Snapchat

The new AR features is finally adopted by Snapchat. The company announced that it will commence AR experience in stages. By the end, this element will be available for developers, creators, and everyday users.

This function can be available thanks to lenses made by Snap’s own design team.

Scan: You can easily scan animals, plants or food

By pressing and holding on the camera, this element is available to identify several plants, pets or food.

The Scan feature is expected to have more than 90% accuracy thanks to the partnership with PlantSnap.

For dogs, the element will be able to scan 400 different breed.

Other elements will be available as Friends Check-Up, Reporting tool, Headspace (for relaxation) and wellbeing efforts.


With the competition it faces, Snapchat tries to catch the lead with these features. To be frank, they seem outstanding especially the AR experience and the scan.

What did you like among this list of Snapchat new features?

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