Twitter, Facebook, Instagram: 51% of humanity is now on social networks

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Mastodon etc… Despite all critics, social networks continue to seduce users all around the world. Social network studies confirms that there is a sustained rate of 3.96 billion people now actively maintain their accounts

Until recently, one would have thought that the repeated scandals to which Facebook and others were the subject, and the concern about their societal and health effects, would end up eroding the audience of social networks. Yet in 2020, they continue to attract more and more active users. Up-to-date, 3.96 billion people are active on one or more social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat…). This represents no less than 51% of the world’s population.( Or two-thirds (65%) of the world’s population eligible for these networks).

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram: they never stop seducing you!

Year on year, the number of people on social networks increased by 10.5% or 376 million people (12 accounts have been created every second since July 2019). These figures come from a study by the DataReportal site. For the most part, social networks can be consulted today from the smartphone. 99% of access is via mobile and 3.91 billion users use at least part of their mobile to access Facebook or other networks social.

Thus, we can now say that only fewer people are not on social networks. Of course, thinking about this by taking averages prevents appreciating the strong geographic disparities on the question. In The US, for example, where internet penetration is higher than 80%, 246.3 million people are connected.

170 million American have an account on social networks. This rate leads to a penetration rate of social networks of around 60%. However, if we take the countries of Central Africa for example, the penetration rate of social networks drops to only 7%.

Social networks attracts 51% of the world population

The last important fact about social networks is the number of accounts. Today, on average, users are members of 9 different social networks. Loyalty to Facebook may seem extremely low: only 5% of Internet users exclusively use Mark Zuckerberg’s network. It is in fact one of the strongest in the business. Marketers estimate as a result that they can now reach 99% of Snapchat, Twitter or TikTok members through other social networks.

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