WhatsApp will delete your account if you don’t share your data with Facebook

WhatsApp will delete your account if you don’t share your data with Facebook
If you are using the WhatsApp app, you might have noticed a window while using the app in your phone at some point in the past two days. This window asks you to agree to update the privacy policy of the app, and of course you immediately clicked the button at the bottom to continue.
But have you read the new terms and know what they mean to you?
If you read carefully; You know that users will have until February 8, 2021 to read and agree to the new terms. If users do not agree to the new privacy terms that appear on their screens, their WhatsApp account will be deleted as of February 8, 2021.
You may not be the only one who accepted the new terms without reading them, but the changes to the privacy policy of the WhatsApp app are important and you should be aware of them. The new terms include integration with a Facebook product group, giving space to better interact with businesses and collecting financial data from users.
What data does WhatsApp share with Facebook:
The WhatsApp application collects a lot of account-related data such as: phone number, your account photo and your usage patterns – which include: features you use, groups you’ve joined, how you interact with others within the app, and other information such as: use of status function – device data etc.
Most of this data has been restructured into different sections in older versions of the privacy policy, but in the new update of the privacy policy the company has added a new section called (Transaction and Payment Data) which includes the financial data of the users that is collected.
It is a step forward to improve and develop various payment services on Facebook to enable you to pay for different goods. This leads us to the integrations that Facebook makes between its different services and products to improve ad targeting.
The updated policy states that the WhatsApp app will share the data it collects about you with other companies like your phone number, transaction data, service information, and your IP address.
The updated policy also suggests that it may send you corporate marketing materials. In addition, the company will use your data collected from the app and other Facebook services to provide content suggestions, people recommendations and advertisements, as well as service improvements.
Interaction with commercial activities:
Many businesses depend on WhatsApp to communicate with their customers, so the company has launched a version of the app dedicated to business activities called WhatsApp Business. This version allows traders to communicate with users of the app through additional trading features.
Facebook explains that it works with businesses that use Facebook or any other party to help store and better manage their communications with you on WhatsApp. So third-party applications may be able to read your communications on behalf of the company you are interacting with.
In addition; The third party services that you use in WhatsApp may be able to obtain some of your information. For example: your in-app video player may know your IP address.
These new changes to WhatsApp follow controversy that the WhatsApp app collects significantly more data than Apple’s iMessage. As a result, the Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook and Google had agreed to work together against antitrust measures if their agreement to work together in online advertising was investigated.

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