The best gaming PCs are coming out thanks to Konami

As one of the best games builders, Konami is now preparing new Desktop gaming PCs that might the best gaming PCs ever. Konami, the giant Japanese game builder is having a shift over its traditional products. Now, Konami is preparing a Desktop gaming PC. With many enhanced features that have no comparison with ordinary Desktop gamin PCs, the Konami’s next PCs seem to dominate the gaming industry in the years to come.

In fact, what we know all about Konami does not signify the power of this giant Gaming Company. Konami is not only about games. The company is intervening in computing, gambling and Big Data.

Now, the giant company is focusing on releasing what we may call it one of the best gaming PCs. The desktop gaming PC will have some great features in comparison to its projected price.

Konami PC specs:

There are two gaming PCs versions of the Konami upcoming PC.

Graphic card GTX 1650
Memory Card 8GB (DDR4-2666)
Internal Storage512GB SSD
The Arespear C300
Graphic Card RTX 2070 Super
Memory Card16GB DDR4-2666
Internal Storage512GB
the Arespear C700

Konami PC price:

Since the western models have not been yet announced, we will base our Konami price projection on the Japanese market prices. For the Arespear C300, the price of the gaming PC will be around $1,830. While for the Arespear C700, the estimated price will be $3,205.

Konami PC release date:

While the pre-orders in Japan have already been started, we still wait for the international release of the Konami Desktop gaming PC. Echoes from Japan reveal that Konami is starting the upcoming PC shipping in September. So we need to wait until August to update the western release of the new Desktop PC. From the other side, Rumors have spread that the Konami’s best gaming PC will be available in the US in October 2020.

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