When will the Android 11 officially land?

Reports from Google confirmed that the Android 11 will land on Smart phones on September 8. The news is already spreading as the Android 11 final version release date has become a source of leaks and controversy.

Google has already started to update the Android 11 on Smartphone. However, the final version launch date becomes really perplexing. Google has published a video on You Tube announcing the 8th of September as the official landing date of the final version of Android 11. Later, the video was removed which raised more questions about the reasons.

Is there an official Android 11 launch date?

Depending on Google behavior, we can’t be sure. The new Android 11 had witnessed many rumors. But, we can deduce that September is the more reasonable date for many factors. One of these factors is that the Android 10 landed official on September of 2019. This means that September can be the best launch date.

The second reason is that the phones which are supposed to run the Android 11. Google Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 have the release date in late 2020. So, it’s a great possibility that the Android 11 will come first in September.

Stay tuned for more news about the launch date of Android 11 as we will dig deeper in this issue.

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When will the Android 11 officially land?