Windows 10 x: 1 billion users in the fifth year of the operating system

Windows 10 X has reached more than a billion users. This is good news for the exploitation system that runs for about 5 years. Despite many technical issues and bugs, the Microsoft operating system is now the most widely used OS.

Microsoft officially released Windows 10 On July 29, 2015. The Window 10 has been the latest version of its PC operating system. Inspired by both Windows 7 and Windows 8, the operating system has since undergone major updates. However, the giant company is planning additional soon. Some of these updates include a facelift of the Start menu and the disappearance of the Control Panel.

Presently, Windows 10 x is the most widely used operating system in the world. But not everything has been perfect. In fact, Microsoft had the plan to reach 1 billion users in 3 years of its launch in 2015. Hence, the company offered all users (Windows 7 and Windows ) the possibility of migrating free of charge to Windows 10. In contrast to all expectations, it was only at the end of January 2020 that Windows 10 passed the milestone of one billion installed workstations.

Windows 7 shutdown earlier this year benefited Windows 10

According to studies, Windows 10 X has more than 54% of users worldwide. The Windows latest version has therefore proved itself as the most used operating system in the world. this goal was achieved thanks to Microsoft’s abandonment of Windows 7. for a few months, the Redmond giant has officially stopped the extended support for Windows 7. (No security patches, no more bug fixes etc…). Unless you benefit from updates reserved for companies, Windows 7 no longer benefits from any security update since the beginning of 2020.

This abandonment had pushed users to migrate to a new OS or to the latest Windows 10 update.

No Windows 11 on the horizon, but Windows 10 updates instead

If you would ask when Windows 11 will be released, Microsoft made it clear that: “No Windows 11 is coming out”. However, Microsoft announces it will deliver a big security update every month: it is the famous Patch Tuesday, which takes place every 2nd Tuesday of the month. Windows 10 X also benefits from two major updates per year: one is major and rolled out in the first half of the year. The second is now minor and airs in the second semester (usually between October and November).

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