Windows 10X: Win32 apps will not launch locally

Similarly as ChromeOS, Windows 10X will be incompatible with Win32 applications, at least locally. Users can stream them from the cloud if they have an outer internet connection.

Reports showed that Microsoft has removed a feature from the Windows 10X source code. In fact, the latest versions of the Windows 10X will no longer embed “VAIL technology”. This feature allows Win32 programs to be virtualized locally via containers. Accordingly, Windows 10X was about launching on the Surface Neo, a foldable dual-screen tablet.

Windows 10X and Chromebook unspoken conflict

Windows 10X is coded with the newest technologies and took advantage of the best knowledge. After a Windows 10 unappreciated experience, it seems that the giant system is looking for Google territory for the aim of gaining more points. Microsoft has indeed announced its ambitions. Also, the decision to install WindowsX on PCs with a single screen is a clear sign of the company’s intention to attack Google.

Similarly, Windows 10X will be offered for cheaper devices – with the knowledge and market tactics in mind. Thus, local support for Win32 applications did not seem essential taking into account the plan to maximizing battery life and performance.

From the other side, Windows 10X devices can run UWP applications and web apps through Edge. As for Win32 applications, they can still be streamed from the cloud. In simple words, you will need an internet connection to install them.

This is a very important change in Windows orientation. However, this change comes with a great advantage: it becomes easier for Microsoft to adapt Windows 10X to the ARM architecture without taking into account the «supports Win32 applications”. Microsoft seems to be interested in this type of architecture that is much more efficient in terms of energy, and therefore autonomy.

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