4k Gaming PC Budget: configuration less than $ 1000

4K gaming PC is what we are all looking to have. With many 4K games coming soon as Far Cry 6 or Hitman, you would have to try them by yourself in your PC gaming. We select to you the budget 4K gaming PC configuration than $ 1000.

Use Ryzen 3600

To start with, we will use the Ryzen 3600 which will be placed on the same motherboard gigabyte b 450 at horus accompanied by the same 16 Giga of ram in ddr3 at 3200 megahertz.

Graphic Card:

On the other hand for the graphics card, we have the nvidia hertig 2070 which is a model of the latest generation of Nvidia cards.

Therefore the 2000 cards are strong. Necessarily who says better graphics cards necessarily says better performance in 4k.

So there for example we will be able to reach 60 fps on GTA 5 ultra case. And we will also almost be able to reach the same level of fluidity on far cry 5 (since Ubisoft’s game arrives at an average of 50 fps in ultra).

On the other hand, on assassin’s creed 2 10 will be able to play max at 30 fps in ultra. The game so remains completely playable.

For the rest of the configuration of our 4k gaming pc budget, we will have a 240 gig SSD and a 1 TB hard drive.

4K gaming PC Power supply

We add a 650 watt power supply which is certified 80plus gold and which in addition to that and semi modular. Therefore this power supply comes to us from corsair and Celtics 650 which is a model known to be reliable and durable in the long term. For the case, you better choose a model from corsair (the corsair eyed peas).

What do you think about this configuration? Do you think that there is something missing in it? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below and stay tuned for more news about Gaming PC.

Stay tuned!

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