Batman Gotham Knights: New Game by Warner Bros in 2021

Sources from Warner Bros have confirmed that the producer is preparing for a Batman new game. Leaks have also revealed some precious information about the new game plot, release date and more other secrets about the game.

In fact, rumors have started since the success of the first appearance of Batman in video games. But it took some time to find the right producer to revive the Batman experience in the world of gaming. This time it was Warner Bros which took that project.

Of course the name the new game, Batman Gotham Knights, is highly significant. It shows the same path that Batman will follow in this second edition with the same concept and the same gaming experience. Gotham Knights is an alliance of Comics characters who fight against the devil. The inclusion of this group in the game may hint for Batman having more help in this new game.

Batman Gotham Knights release date

It looks that the road of this game is still so long. Warner Bros has started with the plot, architecture building etc…In fact, March 2021 seems the most reasonable date of release of Batman game. However, an authentic source has stated that the development started since December 2019 and that there is a possibility for an early release date. The source also confirms that Warner Bros production is preparing many surprises with this game. We know already that this game is meant for PS5 and Xbox X which means that the graphics and AR of the game will be catchy.

We won’t wait until 2021 to know more about the new Batman Gotham Knights. Stay with us and we will update more about this game.

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