PlayStation 5 price: $530 will be the official price of the PS5

An official member from Microsoft has just revealed important information about the PlayStation 5 price. The PS5 cost will reach officially $530.

We talked about the expected release of the PlayStation 5. Every day, new leaks are revealed. So far, we know the official release date, the basic features of the console and the main difference between the PS5 and the PS4.

Leaks had rumored that Microsoft has the plan to sell the PS5 at a cost of $499.

However, The PlayStation price remained a matter of controversy. In an interview, Jim Ryan, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s CEO has hinted that the PS5 cannot have a cost as expected before.

The official price remained unrevealed. However, authentic sources from Microsoft revealed that the company has already set the price of the console around $530 in North America.

Is PlayStation 5 worth $530?

Giving the features the console is expected to have, the logical answer would be a YES.

If we forget a little bit about the rumors, it’s clear that Microsoft is relying heavily on building a console for the future. The features, the performance and the new set of games of the PS5 has makes it worth it. If we add the PS4 price which reached in its release date “$399”, we can clearly say that $530 as a price is reasonable.

To be mentioned that many other sources confirmed that the PS5 marketing strategy is witnessing a real challenge. Both Xbox X and PS5 will have the same troubles of selling their newest consoles in the middle of a real health issue.

That’s why many can say that $530 will not be a final price for the PS5 launch date.

As we dig in depth for more news, stay Tuned for more leaks about the PlayStation 5 console.

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