Pre-order ps5: Everybody wants to know when to buy the PS5

It seems that the PS5 pre-order is causing much trouble to Sony PlayStation as well as to gamers. Later this week, Sony has to confirm that the PlayStation 5 Pre order has not yet been announced. However, some leaks were fuelled after the Amazon has set a PS5 landing page. It seems that excitement about the new Sony playStation 5 console has led everyone mad.

 Sony PlayStation 5 is among the most attended gaming consoles for 2020. In fact, nothing is comparable between the current PS4 and the upcoming PS5 in terms of features and next-generation games.

Hence, the excitement about the PS5 got more horizons when Sony has revealed the next console features, design and list of games.

Later this week, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, GameStop and Walmart have set the PS5 pre order pages. That event created a huge wave of rumors around the PlayStation 5 pre-order date.

When can you pre order ps5?

Sony has revealed little information about the PS5’s pre-order date in June 11. However, it hasn’t provided any specific date. When the rumors spread early this week, Sony has confirmed that the PS5 pre order as well as the release will be announced officially. From the other side, leaks on social network confirm that the pre order ps5 is set to mid August. The only fact to confirm this date is that Sony has set the official release of the PS5 to August. Later, due to the pandemic, it has de delay it to September according to the latest news From Sony PlayStation.

PS5 pre order Amazon:

As we have already mentioned, Amazon started “sign up” to for subscribers who want to get notified when the pre-order PS5 is available. The Amazon PS5 hub offers some clues about the popularity of the next Sony Play Station console. As a matter of fact, you can expect PlayStation 5 pre-order date to be in August on Amazon.


when can I pre order ps5?

The PS5 pre-order is not available for now. However, as we expect it will be in mid August, you can subscribe to e-mail notification on various platforms. We can name AmazonBest Buy or Game Stop ..

when is ps5 release date?

According to the latest news, it seems that the PlayStation 5 release date is set to December 2020. Sony has to delay the initial date because of the Pandemic.

what’s the ps5 price

Sony PlayStation has revealed no official information about the PS5 cost. However, according to some information from Sony, The next playstation consoles cost will be $530.

How does the ps5 look like?

The new Playstation 5 design is unique compared with the previous PS4 design. the upcoming console wil have a vertical shape with a new design. The PS5 comes in black and white to match the advanced controllers.

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