Sony: There’s one more surprise ahead for PlayStation 5 owners

After Sony brought the PlayStation 5 to the market, eyes are now on what gamers will have on this new device, and everyone is looking forward to the games that will be the first and last reason to own it, well. that Sony has put together a good list of launch titles and titles that will be released within a year of the device’s release. However, some are still looking for more.

In an exclusive meeting with Sony Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan via the Russian TASS website, the host asked Jim if a service similar to the Xbox Game Pass service is coming to owners of PlayStation 5 devices, Jim said. literally says:

“There is, in fact, new news that we will share with our audience later, but not now ..”

From this short and quick commentary, it seems to us that Sony may be preparing to develop a service similar to the Game Pass service, but under specific terms and standards, especially after Jim’s previous comment on the service, which he described as not compatible with Sony policy, where he said at the time:

“We will not go in the direction of putting the titles of the new releases in a monthly or annual subscription model. Developing these games costs millions of dollars, some of which require more than 100 million dollars to develop. We just don’t think it’s right for us. “
These statements Jim made to the Games website not long ago indicate that Sony, regardless of its new plan that it wants to silence with the public demanding a service similar to the Game Pass service, no ” will not include its new addresses issued by proprietary studios as Microsoft does with its new addresses that it publishes from the first day of its monthly service, but perhaps it has an alternative solution that can satisfy this audience anticipated.

What is the surprise that Sony prepares for the owners of Playstation 5? The possibilities are many and the new generation is still at the start of the road, and we may wait longer to find out, but until that is done, what are your expectations?

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