Stadia: Hitman and Sekiro on the platform this fall

Google Stadia’s platform is preparing new sets of games for this fall. The news was revealed in Stadia Connect announcement video posted to YouTube. In this vide, Google announced new games to be added to the platform as Hitman, Sekiro, One Hand Clapping and Super Bomberman R Online.

2020 is still keeping secrets for gaming. As we await the official release of PS5 and the Xbox X, it’s clear that Google wants to keep competitive by adding more popular games to its platform.

Thanks to the upcoming Hitman 3 alongside Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Stadia is hoping to reach the next level of expanding the gaming experience.

Players can’t start playing some of these titles by purchasing them directly through Stadia. If they have Google Chromecast, they can play them directly on TV. Another option is available which is to play these games using Stadia subscription service (Stadia Pro). This option is the best if you want to buy a group of games at the same time.

 Stadia partners with Gaming studios

Stadia has also annouced that the company is setting a partnership with some known gaming studios. Harmonix, Supermassive Games and indie studio Uppercut Games are the new partners to Stadia. The announcement confirmed that Google is preparing a new generation of technology that will enable players to live an outstanding gaming experience.

 However, although the video spread so much hope about the latest updates, it is still unknown whether the Google plans to take part in the 2020 gaming competition is based on facts. We should take into consideration the upcoming Xbox X that features a revolutionary performance and the PlayStation 5 which is supposed to have the biggest share this fall.

Do you think that the Stadia’s new games will mark a change in front of the rolling Microsoft and Sony?

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