Dragon age 4: New dragon age game is coming out soon

Dragon age 4 will come after some sort of disappointing Anthem and Mass Effect: Andromeda launch. As more and more players still wait for the new dragon age game to come out, it appears the pandemic is affecting the game production.

The BioWare Studio revealed the next Dragon Age game for the first time during the 2020 EA Play Live event. After that, a period of silence has roamed as BioWare confirmed neither the progress level of the game nor the launch date. Players were in endless wait for Dragon age 4 official releases. However, by the time it seemed to most of them that bioware’s dragon age will be cancelled.

This week, the dragon age news brings us the confirmation of Mark Darrah, BioWare’s executive producer, of the continuation of the development of the next dragon age.

In a tweet, Mark expressed that BioWare is continuing the development of the new dragon age. Marks has also tried to explain why the upcoming game is witnessing some delay. According to him, the studio is not able to work faster due to the pandemic which caused most of the developers to work from home.

Dragon age 4 release date:

The new dragon age is starting to lose its popularity even before being launched. Players who impatiently waited for the game release have lost gradually their excitement due to the long period of waiting.

 BioWare, from the other side, is trying to assure players that the game is in development and will be released but with a relative delay.

All we can rely on are leaks here. Several sources from BioWare itself hints that new Dragon age will launch in the spring 2021. Besides, the next dragon age game will have different features from those of the dragon age 3.

Still, with BioWare hard time with Dragon age 4, it appears that we need to wait more than we all expected.


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