Elite Dangerous Odyssey: The content that will offer phases of exploration on foot revealed (Video)

This is surely one of the biggest evolutions of Elite Dangerous to come: the Odyssey content which marks the arrival of the phases on foot outside the ships

The next big content in Frontier’s space exploration game brings what players have long been waiting for: the ability to land on the planets. With the arrival of Odyssey in early 2021, the game’s gameplay will take on a whole new dimension.

Players will indeed be able to venture out to discover a multitude of new worlds, with the dangers that come with them. In the very first Developers Diary available above, the studio explains that they have taken a lot of care and attention to the details of the reconstruction of the ice and rocky planets that players will be able to land on.

Surface pressure, volcanism, the composition of the atmosphere, and other geological agents all play a key role in the structure and natural characteristics of each world. In other words, each world seems unique.

Frontier gives the example of the flora that players can discover as well as the various landscapes that may vary from one planet to another. The studio wants players to be able to have their own “Neil Armstrong moments” (sic).

This content will be launched in early 2021. Until then, there is no doubt that we will be entitled to other developers’ diaries.

Check out the video below:

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