Far Cry 6: Heroes, Gameplay, Release date and more details

The upcoming far cry 6 was the final surprise of the 1st Ubisoft conference. During this event, Ubisoft unveiled much about the release date, concept and protagonists of the game.This game 6 is still pretty mysterious, which doesn’t prevent us from explaining everything to you.

It’s first time in the series that the ubisoft toronto studio is the main developer of the game (the Montreal branch).

A different Far Cry 6 from other series

As always, total change of frames for this new far cry is noticed. Here everything will take place in jahra an island, fictional Caribbean inspired by Cuba. We therefore come back to beach and jungle scenery but also more urban. The series adores its antagonists and that does not change with far cry 6. the local dictator and Anthony Castillo to which the actor Giancarlo Esposito near his voice and his features.

What we see, this new character should not be very far from his Gustavo fringe and seems to cause the same fear by his coolness and his manipulative side. But he is not alone since there is also the young Diego Castillo his son. This kid is played by Anthony Gonzalez.

The player will incarnate Dany Rojas, member of the guerrillas who are trying to end the reign of terror of the Castillo.

Naveed cavalry the narrative director of the game believes that it was important that we do not embody as in the other episodes a hero parachuted in the situation. but someone who has lived all his life in this oppression. dany rojas is not someone who wanted to join the rebellion, but rather someone who is driven by force of circumstances.

This is why, unlike the mute members of far cry 5, he or she will be dubbed. Your character appears even during cutscenes to stay in this idea of ​​a more marked protagonist. Last characters presented for the moment are Chorizo. The adorable dog will be one of your “Kid” friends (the new name given to allied animals).

The official intro of Far Cry 6

Officially the first video of the game that we were to see was its credits to Juin Carlo. Ubisoft wanted to offer an intro worthy of the best series. And Patrick clerk was in charge of the project. Especially after taking care of halton coach fire, true detective, west world and all of the Netflix marvel series.

The music is composed by Pedro Brockman mainly known for his work on the Marcos series.

Far Cry 6 gaming experience:

Side game play, it’s difficult to know if the formula will evolve or not. But we can at least say that the Cuban inspiration of this episode will have an impact and especially the embargo of the United States. Indeed deprived of import, the Cubans have become the kings of recovery. In Far Cry 6, this will mean a lot of old cars and especially makeshift weapons. We will have to wait for the game play to see the rest. But we assume that the basics will remain the same.

Far Cry 6 Release date

Far Cry 6 will be released on February 18, 2021 for pc, PS 4, Xbox one, PS5, Xbox X and Stadia.

It will be compatible with Microsoft smart delivery with the free upgrade on the Sony side to pass from one generation to another at no additional cost. And as always with Ubisoft, there are also many editions with the standard, the game is the ultimate version. This allows you to have access to new exclusive outfits and vehicles. But we especially remember the collector’s edition which includes a replica of “flame thrower”.

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