Fortnite: Epic Games taunts Apple with a tournament called #FreeFortnite

Between Epic Games and Apple, war is declared! The studio behind Fortnite is launching a new provocation today: an anti-Apple tournament on Battle Royale. A global competition that will win objects that mock the Cupertino company, among others, and that wants to mobilize the community.

The communication battle rages between Apple and Epic Games. The former remains steadfast in his positions, while the latter continues provocations to gain the sympathy of the public. Epic’s latest idea is to hold an anti-Apple competition on Fortnite, simply called #FreeFortnite.

This virtual competition will take place on August 23, next Sunday, on specially dedicated servers. The goal here is to accumulate points. One point per elimination, one point for every three minutes remaining on the island and ten points per victory royale. The players having accumulated the highest score will be rewarded with so-called “anti-Apple” prizes.

Thus, it will be possible to win a skin featuring the boss with the apple head (subtle allegory) seen in the video parodying the 1984 ad. In addition to that, Epic plans to send 20,000 “Free Fortnite” caps to the best players .

Lots of non-Apple products to win

The 1200 best players will be entitled to really interesting prizes: Xbox One X, Switch, PS4 Pro, OnePlus 8, Galaxy Tab S7 or even Alienware PCs. Here, Epic is careful not to win any Apple branded product, and states that it is in no way sponsored by any of its brands.

This competition is supposed to unite fans of the game against Apple. Fortnite will no longer be playable on iOS from next August 27. It remains to be seen how this provocation will be perceived by the general public, which could only see it as a settling of scores worthy of a playground.

As a reminder, Epic Games no longer wants to go through the App Store to sell its v-bucks, Fornite in-game money, and thus no longer pay the 30% commission. A practice prohibited by the Cupertino company which has decided to ban the game from its OS and block developer access to Epic. The studio reacts by mobilizing its community against Apple. Its angle of communication is that of the struggle against the tyranny of an all-powerful multinational. But make no mistake: Epic isn’t fighting for freedom; it’s just for its own financial interests.

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