Ghost of Tsushima PS4: Sony masterpiece

Sony draws its ultimate exclusivity PlayStation 4. Ghost of Tsushima has the daunting task of completing this generation of games. Developed by sucker punch, the studio still proves it can broaden its horizons by starting in a completely different register.

In many ways we can first consider GHOST OF TSUSHIMA a summary of Sony’s productions without forgetting some big references to other licenses. We can’t forget the assassin’s creed series which used to immerse us in a specific period in history.

Sucker Punch skillfully took over this feature while accentuating it with combat scenes inspired by Japanese films.

Ghost of Tsushima: the impressive  plot

History will take place during the Kamakura period in 1274 on the big island of Tsushima. Following the invasion of the Mongols the territory is in the grip of chaos.

We are going to play Jean Sakai, the only samurai who survived the terrible battle against the invader. In order to rescue his island, he will become the ghost of tsushima for them. To save his people, he will be forced to employ methods which sometimes break the samurai’s code of honor. And we will often see questioning and introspection; especially through the main scenario but also with side quests that involve knowledge he will discover in a new light in wartime.

it will return the development of the protagonist is thus intelligently led thanks to its interactions with PNG important is that we will follow throughout our adventure through several stories. We can easily get attached to them in addition to rallying them to our cause. The tales of yuna and massacres, for example, are particularly successful.

Japanese culture is also treated well. The country’s history is rich and its art is sublime. And GHOST OF TSUSHIMA may succeed in spreading the swathes of this Japanese culture thanks to simple objectives which are often boring in open worlds.

 The island of tsushima is then divided into three parts. Each of them will offer particular biomes which constantly renews exploration.

Nature is absolutely incredible. Never has a photo mode been so relevant in a Sony game. A short climbing session to reach a Shinto shrine and you are rewarded with a splendid view.

The haikus meanwhile will enjoy a moment of serenity in a quiet place by composing a nice poem.

But this beauty is however contrasted by the monstrosities of the war against the Mongols with the ruins of the burnt dwellings and the corpses which litter the road.

Making a game as beautiful as that is really impressive for Sony. Especially with the almost flawless technical aspect of the game that really allows you to enjoy it.

Ghost of tsushima release date

Ghost of Tsushima ps4 will be released on July 17. Pre-orders have already been started on PlayStation.

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