Horizon zero dawn: pc release date in 2020 and price

Guerilla Games revealed the release date of the PC version of horizon zero dawn in August 7, 2020. Gamers can now Pre-order for the full version of the game. While we all wait for new leaks about the PS5, gamers can order the game. The price of the full version is $49.99 on the Epic Games Store. More features and more the price of the PC game.

Until January, we all knew that Guerilla Games was rushing to launch the new Horizon Zero Dawn on PC. This open world is exclusive to PS4. Although the release date was not folded at that time, many gamers considered the preparation of the game on PC as a great event. The Horizon license would come out of the fold of Sony to venture into foreign land

After releasing the first trailer, the directors published a more epic trailer on YouTube. The trailer describes how many changes we can notice in the horizon zero dawn PC version compared to the PlayStation 4 version. By the end of the trailer, the information shows the horizon zero dawn pc launch date (August 7). The trailer also reveals the price of the game ($49.99).

Horizon zero dawn pc enhancements

The game provides a great PC experience. The content is really great rich and powerful. From the other side, the PC game is compatible with wide screens. This adds a great sense to the game. Graphically, improvements are really impressing. The PC version of horizon zero dawn provides a realistic environment with dynamic vegetation and great reflection on water for example. FPS, resolution, ratio etc… are exclusively refined to give an enjoyable gaming experience. The game also features the integration of Graphic customization parameters, choice of control and more other tools.

From the other side, the content depicts the original game (the Frozen Wilds expansion, the weapons, outfits and additional packs). Besides, a dematerialized art book serves to expand the experience of open world of Horizon.

Horizon zero dawn PC is presently available for pre-orders. Rumors spread that the game will be out of stock. So, If you like this game, you can have the advantage of buying it from now. Remember that the game is available now on Steam or the Epic Games Store.

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Horizon zero dawn: pc release date in 2020 and price