Monster Hunter World Iceborne: The new Barioth Frostfang

Alatreon barioth has been a part of Monster Hunter World Iceborne for a month now. Today We have some updates about a new character in the title. In fact, players have the opportunity to play with a new monster, or more specifically, a new variety of monster.

A new Barioth into the game

The new monster is called the Barioth Frostfang, a brand new variant of the saber-toothed creature. Available now, this new opponent will remain present until August 19 at 11.59pm. Don’t panic if you miss it then as it will come back regularly, especially at upcoming festivals.

In fact, The Barioth Frostfang will be an alpha monster. Hence, players can expect some difficulties. Defeating this monster will enable the player to collect two new armor and new weapons. The talents of this new equipment will promote stun, enough to please users of Hammers and Fusarbows.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne has been available on PS4, Xbox One and PC since September 2019. The title will continue to expand for a little while since we know for example that a brand new monster will arrive this fall alongside other additional content.  It’s enough to wait until the film for those concerned.

Meanwhile, you can checkout the game play of the MHW Iceborne. The Barioth Frostfang seems impressive in the gameplay video with many tips of the new monsters.

What do you think of the Barioth Frostfang, newest monster in MHWI? Do you think this new introduction will be the best option to play?

Share your thoughts with us about the game, the new monsters and your opinion in the comment section below.

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