PS5: Best launch catalog in PlayStation history

The PS5 will soon hit the shelves. Sony is relying heavily on its new console and is looking to outpace the competition from day one. As a matter of fact, the Japanese firm promises the best launch line-up for a PlayStation console. If the formula seems pompous, the manufacturer could still keep this promise.

No matter the power, the design or the new things, what counts above all in a console, are the games. Manufacturers must offer interesting titles and strong exclusives from the launch of their machine. While Microsoft relies on backward compatibility to make up for the lack of strong titles, Sony is taking the opposite route. The PS5 would indeed build on a huge line-up from its first day.

In an interview with Games Industry, Eric Lempel, vice president of marketing for Sony Interactive Entertainment, discusses the future launch of the PS5 and the challenges the corona virus poses to the market. At the end of the interview, he announces something very interesting. The console will have the best launch catalog in the brand’s history.

“Once you’re done with all the features that the PS5 has that makes it a true next-gen product, you have to think about the content. The content that will be available in this launch window will be incredibly exciting. I would even say that it will be the best line-up in PlayStation history, between games from our studios and those from our partners. “

He then adds.

“We’ve revealed some of this content and naturally, and we have more to come, but the way the developers engage on this platform and create new experiences with known and unknown licenses, it’s is incredibly exciting. “

Sony has always struggled with launches

It is true that the PS5 promises a lot in terms of launch games. We can already count on Spider-Man Miles Morales or Godfall in exclusive titles, but also on others not yet announced by the manufacturer who intends to hit hard in September.

We must add to this the excluded from the end of life of the PS4 which will be compatible, such as The Last of Us 2 or Ghost of Tsushima. Finally, don’t forget the end-of-the-year headlines available on multiple platforms, such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Cyberpunk 2077, Call of Duty Cold War and Star Wars Squadrons. Sports games like FIFA 21, Madden 21 or NBA 2K21 will also be in the game.

All of this gives a line-up that could tempt fans of the brand to check out. We remember that the launch catalog has always been the weak point of Sony consoles. The PS3, in 2007, offered only about 20 games on release day, including two high-sounding exclusives: Resistance Fall of Man and Genji Days of the Blade.

The PS4 had the same problem, with all just twenty games including two excluded: Knack and Killzone Shadow Fall. As of yet, the PS5 hasn’t proven it will have a better catalog at launch. Eric Lempel’s words should therefore be taken as a marketing argument, at least until strong announcements come to back up his words.

Sony could indeed strike hard by announcing several excluded size a few months before the release. The manufacturer has a boulevard as the Xbox Series X has just lost its big launch exclusion, namely Halo Infinite. If the latter seeks more to bet on its services and its future catalog, but it could still lose the battle of communication for its first months of existence.

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