Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Shadow Legacy and Sam Fisher gameplay

Ubisoft has released the traditional commented video that precedes each launch of a new season of Rainbow Six Siege. This allows you to discover how Sam “Zero” Fisher works, but also the other new features of Operation Shadow Legacy.

Striker Sam “Zero” Fisher comes to teach the youngsters a lesson with his SC 3000K assault rifle as well as a 5.7 USG with integrated silencer to stick to the discreet nature of the protagonist of Splinter Cell. But the tool that will characterize the character as the new recruit of the Rainbow team are his Argus projectiles that he can swing on any surface and pierce it to obtain a camera view from both sides. of the wall. Not content with informing Zero and his team, the Argus projectiles can also fire a laser beam to destroy enemy gadgets.

In addition to the chalet map redesign, new features in Operation Shadow Legacy include an evolution of the ping system, new sights, shared reinforcement walls, a heavy breach secondary gadget, map exclusion in Ranked and unranked selections and the alpha phase of the replay feature in the test server.

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