Rogue Company Surprise released in Closed Beta on PlayStation 4, Xbox and Switch

Rogue Company surprise is now available in Closed Beta landing on PS4, Xbox one, PC, Switch with progression and of course cross play.

The shooting game developed by First Watch Games launched the Closed Beta as Hi-Rez Studios announced. The news was first released during the Summer Game Fest event.

Where to test the Rogue Company Surprise Closed Beta?

As mentioned before, the game is available for free on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. Still, you can try it now if you have the Standard Founder’s Pack. However, this is not a free service as it costs $30 .

This pack offers other features that are not available for free version. For example, players enjoy 8 extra playable Rogues in addition to unique cosmetics. These eight playable Rogues are:

Chaac, Dahlia, Gl1tch, Lancer, Phantom, Scorch, Talon, and Vy.

What should gamers expect from Rogue Company Surprise Closed Beta?

Gamer should expect enhanced graphics and better plot of the game. Added to that, the game is enriched with more characters and more details. It makes sense that this is a Closed Beta Game. However, it’s a testing game for free. So the only one to judge is the player himself. 

What’s new in Rogue Company Surprise?

News confirms a switch toward a multiplayer game orientation where principally two teams are fighting for a specific objective.

The main change will turn around two teams in which one team targets one point while the opponent team tries to defend it. It’s simply the 4v4 mode.

Another mode will be introduced into the game. It’s called Wingman. However, deep specifications about the game mode are still unexplained.


Rogue Company Surprise is perhaps tending to get more reputation. The entire enhancement confirms the Hi-Rez Studios’ intentions to follow the path of the most successful games by adding more graphic clarity, multiplayer’s mode and more characters.

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