Sony Play station reveals PS5 console New Features, Design, release date and price

Finally, Sony leaked information about PS5, the new play station console, with so many improvements over PS4 and with new features that will amaze gamers all around the world.

During the Future of Gaming live event, Sony made the PS5 design officially public. During the same event, a range of new classes of PS5 games and new softwares were equally revealed.

The PS5 design concept is ultimately amazing and to some extent even astonishing. With a rectangular shape that turns into a V in the middle, the PS5 design looks really unique from the PS4 or from the Xbox vertical design.

Similarly, with no disk drive, PS5 console is based on a digital Edition.

PS5 and Ps4 comparison

While both PS5 and PS4 have the identical CU, compute units, PS5 is unique in the fact that PS5 leaks reveal that the console is much more enhanced due to the higher transistor density.

In terms of graphics, PS5 uses the same AMD Radeon chips as PS4. But the speed is certainly higher and the unique difference lies on TFLOPs.

GPU in PS5 is 8 times stronger that the PS4’s thanks to the enhanced clock speed.

Resolution of PS5 is another feature that marks the great improvements on Sony console. Generally, PS5 supports 4K and 8K respectively. And according to the power consumption and game versions, the resolution may be decreased.

Hence, we may say that resolution is a very important feature that will play a major role in the marketing process of PS5 taking into account the GPU is able to display 60 frames per second.

What’s the PS5 price prediction?

It’s expected that the PS5 will come at the price of about $499.99. This prediction is based on two factors. The first to prove this price is the PS4 price that started at $399.99. This may explain how the PS5 improvement will result in the increase of price of the additional $100.00. The second factor is the cost itself of PS5. Leaks from Sony reveal that PS5 console costs about $440.00 which makes it two reasonable to set the price at a higher level.

What is the official release date of the PS5?

No official date has been announced yet. But leaks reveal that it will be between September and December 2020. Sony is witnessing pressing issues that will push the firm to release the PS5 even earlier especially with the competitive Xbox Series X release which will be released in a near period.

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Sony Play station reveals PS5 console New Features, Design, release date and price