Spider-Man Miles Morales: the game will run on PS5 in 4K / 60 FPS

Spider-Man Miles Morales will be one of the first PS5 flagship titles. The studio, Insomniac Games, has confirmed that its baby will run at 4K / 60 FPS. However, this graphic quality will be achieved with respect to some conditions.

The game Spider-Man launched in late 2018 on PlayStation 4. The game could run in 4K on PS4 Pro, but with 30 FPS. A constraint which, if it is usual on console, was all the same a shame for a game constantly relying on speed. His semi-sequel, Spider-Man Miles Morales, will be in 4K and 60 FPS in an “optional” mode.

The game will have the access to a “performance mode” allowing such fluidity. It will therefore be optional, but will be done on condition of making some small concessions. However, the developer has not said which ones.

RTX Off?

So what is kept for us is just expecting how the game will look like. However,  we will easily understand that this mode will eliminate the ray-tracing, which will be present on PS5. As a reminder, this technology allows dynamic management of reflections and light to considerably improve the visual. However, it is extremely resource intensive. Thus, enabling ray-tracing could freeze the game at 30 FPS. It will then be necessary to make a choice between fluidity and visual, as PC gamers equipped with GeForce RTX cards already do.

The sacrosanct 4K / 60 FPS will be a major issue of this generation and the technical aspect of the PS5 and Xbox Series X will be closely scrutinized. Another next-gen game has already made a name for itself in this segment, and not for the right reasons. Indeed, Ubisoft had indicated that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla would only run at 30 FPS maximum on Xbox Series X. A choice to make room for ray-tracing that will not satisfy everyone.

Spider-Man Miles Morales is not a sequel to Spider-Man from 2018, but a stand-alone expansion. The game will offer the same gameplay and the same map, this time featuring the young Miles, already present in the original game. It will be released at the same time as the PS5 console and will be exclusive to the latter.

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