The Walking Dead Onslaught: September 29 Release and more in this trailer

The Walking Dead Onslaught continues to reveal more about its gameplay. The new leak reveals a video showing Norman Reedus congratulating himself on the end of the dub’s recording. For the release date, the title will officially launch on September 29.

A bloody fall with walking dead

Thanks to this trailer, we can therefore see our 4 heroes in action, shortly after the events that opposed them to the Saviors. Whether it’s Michonne and her katana, or Daryl, Rick and Carol equipped among other things with a crossbow, firearms or knives among the 24 available weapons, the virtual reality killing is also coming Pleasant as stressful in case of overflow, with its big hint of gore and dismemberment.

The campaign will only let you play as Daryl while the ‘infinitely re-playable’ Scavenger mode will give you “supply missions” in the skin this time around for any character.

Finally, note that pre-orders for The Walking Dead Onslaught will give you exclusive access to a golden katana and knife, along with two skins: “Sheriff” for Rick, and “Hunter” for Daryl.

The title of Survios can therefore be found on PlayStation VR, Oculus and SteamVR (via the Valve Index and the HTC Vive) from September 29.

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Meanwhile, Check out the trailer of the upcoming game below:

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