Xbox Live Gold Game: Multiplayer will be Free on Xbox One and Xbox Series X

Xbox Live Gold game will soon vanish. Instead, multiplayer gaming will go free on Xbox One and Xbox Series X. An internal source has confirmed that the intention is to promote the most widely spread multiplayer gameplay within the new Xbox Series X games.

In fact, several clues point to Xbox L.G being on the way out. This is because users can no longer purchase a six- and twelve-month subscription from the Microsoft store, while Game Pass is consistently Clear when a search is made on Xbox gold subscription.

As a matter of fact, a source from Microsoft revealed early this week that the Xbox L.G begins its end of career.

“Xbox Live Gold is going to be gone and multiplayer will be free, they won’t force you to upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to play online.”

Despite the authenticity of the source, we still have to wait for an official announcement from Microsoft. If the news was true, it’s clear that it’s good news for Xbox gamers; (Especially that the paid multiplayer formula no longer has a place in Microsoft’s strategy).

The Xbox Live Gold:  An outdated formula

Actually, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate already offers access to the Xbox Live Gold. However, the firm has never hidden its ambitions for its streaming game service. The giant company hopes to turn into “Netflix” for video games. Microsoft therefore has every interest in ensuring that Xbox Live Gold does not encroach on the “Xbox Game Pass flowerbeds”.

In addition, Xbox subscription is still obligatory today to access free-to-play titles available on Xbox One, such as Fortnite, Apex Legends or Call of Duty Warzone. In simple words, Xbox Live Gold game may be seen as a a new vision toward players. In this new vision, players could spend their money on cosmetic stores (and seasonal passes) for these games. Therefore, they bring additional revenue to developers and Microsoft by extension.

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