Xbox Series S: The leaked console specs sheet

The Xbox Series S, the second Next-Gen console model Microsoft is working on in addition to the Xbox Series X, is becoming more precise than ever.

The site specializing in hardware TweakTown and The Verge journalist Tom Warren have indeed shared a comparison of the specs of the two machines of the Redmond firm (see the image in our gallery below). We therefore discover that it would be a machine without a physical drive, with the same main processor as the Xbox Series X, but with a GPU power of only 4 TFlops (its Navi RDN 2.0 having only 20 units of control clocked at 1.550 GHz), against 12 and dust for the big sister. RAM would be set at 10 GDDR6. The storage would also be done on SSD.

As rumors had indicated before, it would only target a maximum display of 1440p in 60 frames per second and would position itself as the Xbox One S (All Digital, for the moment) of the Next-Gen, less expensive.

Will Microsoft launch it after this leak?

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