Xbox Series X will get beyond any expectations in terms of content and graphics.

Xbox x console 2020

New reports from Xbox confirm that Xbox Series X will be a console with great improvements that will empower the player experiences.

However, Xbox managers show doubts that these improvements won’t be parallel to what we may expect.

Last week, Phil Spencer, Xbox CEO explained that Xbox X will come in an era where the computing, graphic and creative techniques allows it to feature extraordinary performance that it wasn’t possible in the past few years. However, Phil wasn’t confident that these improvements will be instantly absorbed as he exactly described it as “dramatic step up”.

Similarly, Jason Ronald, Microsoft’s director of program management for Xbox Series X, tried to stress the fact that this unique console is exceptional in terms of the power that the player will feel. However, he added that history is really teaching priceless lessons to Xbox and that Xbox 360 backwards compatibility problem is an issue that Xbox X hasn’t yet solved.

Will the Xbox Series X be number one?

What both Jason Ronald and Phil Spencer want to say is that the Xbox Series X will concentrate more on content rather than on graphic .More precisely, there is a doubt within Xbox labs that the console is something that will win the challenge but in the long run.

Presently, it looks that Xbox is aware of the challenging issues related to actual device compatibility issues and the competitive PS5 performance that will present a huge challenge in itself.

Meantime, it’s clear that Xbox is making much effort on preparing for the future. With frame rate and latency, gamers will be ensured that in the next years more and more monitors touching 240Hz.

Jason Ronald has clearly stated that while most gamers will seem disappointed right now, these new powerful improvement will create new classes of games in the near future.

Will Xbox win the challenge? We will have to wait and see.

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