Yakuza: like a dragon game on PS5 and Xbox X on November, 13

Sega announced today that Yakuza: Like a Dragon will be available on PlayStation 5 after having already been promoted as an Xbox launch game: Series X. We know only little about the release date of the Yakuza:like a dragon game PS5.

Yakuza: like a dragon on Xbox Series X on November, 13

Sega confirmed that the owners of Yakuza: Like a Dragon on PS4 will have the option of getting the optimized edition for PlayStation 5 at no additional cost. Note that the game will be available in November on PS4, Xbox One, PC (the PlayStation Store and the Microsoft Store point to Friday the 13th) and from the launch day of the Xbox Series X (which will apparently take place in the same day  “November, 13”). Yakuza: like a dragon game on PS5 will be released later.

In fact, This is an unprecedented rollout for the Yakuza franchise which kicks off a whole new narrative here (that of the protagonist Kasuga Ichiban, with a total system change of now turn-based combat inspired by Japanese RPGs). A more than successful transition for this episode of renewal is created. The first in the history of the saga that obtains the sacred score by the Committee of the Gaijinage of Gamekult.

Sega adds English to Yakuza:Like a Dragon

Always giving itself more means to break through, Sega announces  the presence of an English dubbing in the wake of the one to which the Judgment spin off was already entitled last year, with Kaiji Tang (Detective Pikachu) and George Takei ( Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek) as Kasuga Ichiban and Patriarch Masumi Arakawa.

The Yakuza:Like A Dragon game will be released on November, 13.

Pre-order have already started with a the price of $59.99.

Are you a fan of the Yakuza: Like a Dragon on PS5? If you do, then you can share with us what you expect mostly from this new version.

Meanwhile, you can checkout the Yakuza:like a dragon trailer below:

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