Apple decides the iPhone 12 release delay

Apple decided to delay the next iPhone 12 release date. The news may not be that great update for iphone fans. However, it seems that we will have the same issue with the new iPhone 12 as we had already seen in the past as the iphone 6 release delay or even the iphone 7. The new release date of the newest of apples’ Smartphone will launch in October or November but within the 2020.

Apple has announced in early June that the iPhone 12 will launch in the american terreitory in September 2020. However, leaks confirmed the giant smart phones company won’t be able to the iPhone 12 in September. Apple didn’t comment on these rumors until early yesterday. The company confirmed the upcoming iPhone 12 release delay. Apple also added that the delay will be for a couple of weeks and shall not exceed 4 to 5 weeks. Hence, we won’t see the latest iPhone 2020 until mid-October.

Why is apple delaying the iPhone 12 official launch?

While Apple hides officially the origin of this delay, history taught us that for iPhone, it’s very normal. If we take the iPhone 7 release delay, the manufacturer found technical difficulties with an iPhone 7. Difficulties involved its newer features as the jet Black. The new Apple’s product is having newer features too. This means that Apple is struggling the last seconds with software’s and hardware’s issues.

Most importantly, the 2020 hasn’t been a soft year for mobile phone industry. The pandemic which hit the entire globe has decreased the purchase power and believe it or not this is the most important reason for the iPhone 12 delay.

In fact, Apple is aware that with the iPhone SE in markets for not so long with the economic pressure, marketing the iPhone 12 will be a little bit riskier. We have to remember that many Apple store around the globe are still closed to costumers. Hence this release delay makes sense.

Can the iPhone 12 be released in 2021?

Uncertainty is marking 2020 not only for smart phone releases, but rather for every economic sector, it’s probable that we won’t see the iPhone 12 until 2021. However, we have to take three factors into consideration:

  1. -Apple has almost finished the development, concept and product testing of the iPhone 12. So, delaying the release to further 5 months seems unrealistic.
  2. -With the Samsung unpacked event of August, 5, Apple will have a huge competition from the mighty Galaxy 20 Ultra (or even the upcoming OnePlus Nord). So, we may understand that Apple is in pressure to solve the technical issues with the upcoming smart phone.
  3. – The short term projection of the pandemic doesn’t prove that the economic stressful situation will be finished in 2021. Let’s hope at least everything will be alright but for Apple’s marketing strategy, the company can’t bet on delaying the iPhone release to 2021.


Whenever we have an iPhone delay, we know in advance the device is having some great features. And while it’s sad news for Apple’s fans to hear about the iPhone 12 release delay, they may be happy to hear that a delay will take only few weeks before seeing the iPhone 12 officially in stores.

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