Don’t download the Beta Public of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 now

Apple has the tradition of releasing a Beta public as the last step before the official reveal of a new exploitation system. It’s meant to test the system in real use by a selection of public who are willing to download the new iOS or iPadOS system. Today, we provide you with main reasons for which you should avoid downloading the Beta public of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14.

Before we go to our main topic, it makes sense to remind that Apple has already released the Beta public of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 this week. Statistics show that the download of the beta public is impressive. However, we should be careful about the risks that this Beta version may cause to our devices.

Certain apps will crash:

It makes sense to say that a new exploitation system comes with new features and new. These changes cause developers to make changes in the root codes. In simple words, the changes will results the simplest tasks on ceratin apps to break. Developers need the Beta version to look for these breaks. Later, they can update the iOS 14 or the iPadOS 14 to fix the problem. But it takes times. And we guess you are not patient enough to see such break in you app.

Beta Public is not that good for your Battery

We always think about the features and performance, but we forget mostly about the battery. This is exactly what the developers do. They think about how smooth is the performance of the new system but they forget about how much the battery will get the charge of these new features. Basically, the life of a battery loses from 10 to 15% of its durability because of the Beta public.

Beta Public for iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 is full of bugs

It’s true that the Beta public can’t be defined by terms of perfection. But especially this time, the two exploitation systems for iPhone and iPad have lots of pugs. I don’t want to be in places of developers right now. More than 200 different bugs were discovered in the court of the previous week. This shows how the Beta public is really challenging.

It is hard to uninstall the iOS14 

Perhaps you have the misfortune to try the iOS14 beta public. Then you decide that it’s enough. In fact, you can get back to iOS 13 but in the hard way.

The only option you have to restore your iPhone to factory settings. We wish you have backup already stored  for the hard time as that. Otherwise, you will lose your data totally or partially.

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