Asus ROG Phone 3: this gaming Smartphone is indestructible

The Asus ROG Phone 3 has just passed through the hands of Jerry Rig for an uncompromising stress test. Despite repeated assaults by the videographer, the gaming smartphone takes all the hits without flinching, unlike some accessories that come in the box, such as the AeroActive Cooler 3, the active cooling system.

Before testing the ruggedness of the ROG Phone 3, “Jerry Rig Everything” looked at the accessories included in the box. The videographer focused in particular on the AeroActive Cooler 3, an accessory that lowers the temperature of the smartphone by up to 4 degrees. Unfortunately, the fan blades unscrew a bit too easily. The videographer regrets the general build quality of the machine.

Next, Jerry Rig Everything tackled the 6.59-inch 144Hz AMOLED display with the sharp blade of his cutter. Thanks to the protection of Gorilla Glass 6, the panel is resistant enough to survive the vagaries of everyday life (Same story with the aluminum frame and the glass and metal back). The screen, on the other hand, is more sensitive to the flame of a lighter. Obviously, it is rather rare that a smartphone makes contact with flames.

Asus ROG Phone 3 and the bending test

Finally, Jerry Rig Everything concludes the stress test with a bend test. With his hands, the man tries to bend the smartphone with all his might. Despite the pressure exerted, the frame remains straight and does not bend. Likewise, the glass does not shatter. The gaming smartphone is therefore not likely to fold if you slip it into the back pocket of your pants.

According to the videographer, Asus has gone to great lengths to ensure that the ROG Phone 3 is as rugged as it is powerful. Jerry Rig Everything therefore regrets only the poor build quality of the cooling system and the performance of the fingerprint reader under the display. He did not manage to configure the biometric sensor because his fingers were a little too dirty. Did you encounter the same problem?

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Check out the Jerry Rig’s video below:

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