Galaxy Fold 2 release date delayed to October

A new leak confirms that Samsung is delaying the release date of Galaxy Fold 2 to October or may be to November. During the Samsung unpacked event scheduled in August, it’s clear now we won’t see the Galaxy Fold 2 alongside the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Actually, Leaks are spreading over the social media confirming this news. According to Max Weinbach of XDA Developers, Galaxy Fold 2 “isn’t even close to ready for a September launch”.

In fact, The problem is the delay of a production process. What remains now is the testing of the Galaxy Fold 2 by carriers. This step is usually the last step before the release of the product.

This delay shows the extreme difficulties Samsung is suffering with this specific model. Following the Galaxy Fold 1 problems, it seems that Fold 2 has it own problems. Developers have repeatedly confirmed issues related to final software, display and processor. This make the fact of Galaxy Fold 2 delayed to October more resonable

However, Max Weinbach tried to ease minds by saying that this delay is normal due to some steps as setting final price and launch partners.

He noted that the same steps had been done for Galaxy S20 series.

Galaxy Fold 2: full of technical challenges

This news combines with more rumors about the Galaxy Fold 2 technical challenges. It seems that Samsung is in great troubles if we consider the huge investment in this specific project.

It seems more reasonable to delay the official release to October and who Know may to early 2021.

“I think of it as keeping realistic expectations for an event so you aren’t disappointed”.

Do you think that Galaxy Fold 2 can’t be really seen in Samsung unpacked event or is it just a teaser? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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