Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: leaked stunning 360-degree video of the upcoming phone

A leaked 360-degree of the upcoming galaxy Note 20 ultra showed to what level this phone looks more than impressive. The video was leaked on Twitter and it provides more about the official features of the Note 20 Ultra.

In fact, this upcoming phone raised many rumors in the previous months. Samsung take advantage of the interest and created more teasing about the newest Galaxy Note device.

Thanks to Evan Blass, this video could spread in social media and creates what we may call a wide positive impression about the phone.

The Note 20 Ultra:  the stunning design

As we mentioned before, so many rumors were raised about this phone. However, this time we have an official view of the phone. And this time, all what we can say is that the Note 20 looks really stunning.

The device looks now larger with a wide screen which seems different from original models.

Besides, with its copper-like casing, the Note 20 appears to have a mixture of a classical and revolutionary design at the same time.

Check out the stunning 360-degree video of the Note 20 Ultra below:

Galaxy Note 20 ultra leaked specs:

Galaxy Note 20 Plus/Note 20 Ultra
Screen size6.87 inches (3096 x 1444)
Screen refresh rate120Hz
CPUSnapdragon 865 Plus/Exynos 990
Rear cameras108MP main, 13MP telephoto, 12MP ultrawide, laser focus sensor
Battery size4,500 mAh – 5,000 mAh
Storage256 to 512GB

Samsung Note 20 Ultra Price

Although no official news or even hints, we estimate the price to range from 1200 Dollars to 1400. The estimations are based on the Samsung faithfulness to a term of price in addition to the leaked features of the phone.

The release of the Note 20 Ultra is expected to be on August, 5.

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