Nokia 9 Edge 2020: release date, price and features

Nokia is trying to catch the leading Smartphone companies with an upcoming Nokia 9 Edge. The new enhanced Nokia phone which will come to light soon will be the last company trial to revive its name in the world of companies. With a higher performance, a strong camera and great features, Nokia 9 Edge seems to have a place in the top 5 of the best smartphones 2020.

It’s no exaggeration that the Nokia 9 Edge seems to be a monstrous concurrent to the upcoming best phones. Nokia tries to finally correct all the mistakes it has been doing all the past few years with that specific phone.

Nokia 9 Edge features

Nokia 9 Edge will come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset. The device will have a 12 GB RAM and 256 of internal storage. Still not impressed? Nokia 9 Edge will come with a triple camera system (108+16+8 MP). Two cameras are on the rear, (108MP primary lens, a 16MP secondary shooter and 8MP depth sensor). As for the selfie camera, The Nokia 9 Edge will come with a 32 MP camera.

If we add the battery power which is 6000mAh, nothing can be compared to that phone.

Also, Android 10.0 will run the phone which adds more useful features.

The design of the phone is fashionable and stylish. The phone will be coming with a large screen with 6.5-inch curved display panel.

In the rear side, the Corning gorilla glass 6 will be used which will more beauty to the phone.

Basically, what these features means is that the Nokia 9 Edge will have the best performance among all the new upcoming phones. With such a strong processor, the best RAM ever and the performing battery, this phone will be excellently the gamers’ best option.  We compare it to the upcoming iPhone 12 pro or the Samsung S20 Ultra. Both Apple and Samsung tried to invest well in the camera, processor, storage and battery. However, the two phones will neither have the 12 Ram or the mighty Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset. As for the battery, it’s no comparison to the rest of batteries in the market.

Nokia 9 Edge 2020 Release date:

No official information has been announced yet by Nokia. However, leaks confirm that the phone launch date will be in the period from November to December 2020. From another angle, Nokia is in the last steps of preparing the phone so we expect the leaked release date to be reasonable.

Nokia 9 Edge 2020 price:

The upcoming Nokia phone is still under production. So, only leaks and rumors serve to give an idea about the price. But if we talk all the information regarding the features, competition and Nokia plans, we can estimate the phone price to range $600 and $650.

Of course the price is not so advantageous, but we still need more time to get more updates about this monstrous phone.

Stay Tuned!

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