Samsung event: the unpacked event devices are finally revealed (Video)

Samsung event of August 5, 2020 may be one of the most device events not only For Samsung but for all smart devices fans. The unpacked event will reveal various products. Few of the upcoming devices were not even been confirmed to be presented in the unpacked event until a video on Youtube confirms the official products to be officially released during the unpacked event 2020. Now we are sure we will see the Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Z Fold 2, Tab S7 and more other upcoming Samsung products during the galaxy event.

In fact, rumors revealed certain products will not show in the Samsung event. One of these products is the Galaxy 20. Following many technical problems, leaks confirmed that Samsung would not be able to launch the phone during the unpacked event. Now, we can’t wait to discover the long-awaited Galaxy Note 20 which will  be released in only couples of days from now.

Samsung Unpacked Event: 6 products for the Samsung Unpacked event 2020

  1. Galaxy Fold 2
  2. Phone Galaxy Note 20
  3. The Galaxy Note Ultra
  4. Tablet Galaxy S7
  5. The Galaxy Watch 3
  6. The Galaxy Buds

While most people will wait for the Galaxy Note 20 and 20 Ultra, Samsung spread rumors that the Fold 2 can’t launch in 2020. Samsung used some teasing techniques around the second generation of the galaxy Fold to create some sort of attention around that specific product. As for the Galaxy Watch 3 (which we have already reviewed), it seems that this is perhaps one of the most expected product for the Samsung live event of August.

We have to wait the August unpacked event to see how these products will continue to impress us.

Meanwhile, you can check the Youtube Video published by Samsung regarding the unpacked event of August, 5 2020 below:

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