Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra beats iPhone 12 with this new feature

The smart phone markets are witnessing a huge challenge between the two poles (Apple and Samsung). At first it seems like the iphone 12 will take the lead but not until it was officially announced that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will be empowered with 108-megapixel camera.

Samsung fans were happy with Roland Quandt’s tweet confirming that Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will have the same 108-megapixel camera as the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

“Samsung Galaxy Note 20 “Ultra” (“Canvas2″) has a 108MP main cam. I know we knew, but I’ve seen hard evidence now, so consider it confirmed from my end.”

Although this revealed secret is highly reassuring, it would remain more than reasonable if we take into account the policy of Samsung that tends to make the note phones fans enjoy what they pay for; especially with the high prices the Galaxy S and Note series came with last year. So, it’s not surprising to have the 108-megapixel camera if we already knew that Qualcomm hasn’t yet released a recent chipset.

What will Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra offer in terms of features?

With no huge expectations on speed improvement, it looks like Samsung is focusing on three details:

-Increasing the storage space.

-Improving the bundled S Pen.

-having the S20 Ultra’s 108MP camera.

It seems natural to consider that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is an upgraded smart phone of the S20 Ultra.

Will the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra be the right opponent to iPhone 12?

With these improvements, it is hard to tell whether the Note 20 ultra will that extraordinary challenger to iphone. Although the 108PM camera is really appealing, an unofficial reports has confirmed that the 100x Space Zoom. This will certainly disappoint the Note fans specially that Samsung has spent so much time promoting that zooming trick.

Besides, with Snapdragon 865 processorn, the speed is high but not that legendary and if we add the 12GB of RAM and the 120Hz screen to that, we can’t claim that the Note 20 ultra might be the exceptional 2020 smart phone.

However, this phone has great improvements in terms of the storage that ranges from 256 GB to 512GB, the empowered battery that ranges from 4,500 to 5,000mAh and the upgraded S Pen that has a response time of exactly 9 ms.

So as a conclusion, although it’s hard to say whether the Note 20 Ultra will be the iphone 12 opponent, the two smart phones will have some challenge to win the fans satisfaction with their upgraded features.

What is the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Price?

Although no official news or even hints, we estimate the price to range from 1200 Dollars to 1400. The estimations are based on the Samsung faithfulness to a term of price in addition to the leaked features of the phone.

The release of the Note 20 Ultra is expected to be in the first week of August.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra beats iPhone 12 with this new feature
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