We can see the Samsung 2020 best phones unpacked in August 5

Finally, rumors turned into facts as Samsung finally announced he official release of Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Fold 2, Galaxy Z Flip 5G et Galaxy Tab S7. We can discover these phones during the unpacked event which will take place in 5 August.

During a short video on Youtube, Samsung confirmed all leaks and invited for the unpacked event in which a whole range of widely expected phones will come to light.

A wide range of phones for the unpacked event August 5, 2020

Undoubtedly, the 2020 unpacked event has raised rumors and conflict. A wide range of products will be presented during this event.

The Galaxy Fold 2, better than le Galaxy Fold?

This summer, we will wait for the le Galaxy Fold 2. This phone has raised so many questions. for one part, it’s a revolutionary phone and looks really promising. But from the other part, the le Galaxy Fold 1 witnessed many problems with the screen and to some extent some failure. Samsung has been working so hard on this second device as it always says it’s a phone for the future.

Galaxy Z Flip 2

When we talk about this phone, we should admit that it will be among the best in three things; the battery, the performance and the camera. And this is more than enough for phones fans. With a Snapdragon 855+ processor, the performance of the phone will be great. From another angle, Galaxy Z Flip 2 will have 2 12MP rear-facing cameras and an 10MP front camera. The leaks reveal that the phone is full of features that we will review later with more clarifications.

 Galaxy Tab S7: will it a great success for Samsung?

Samsung’s new tablet looks really promising. The tablet will be bigger than the Tab S6, 5G compatible and an acceptable processor. We can’t say here that it will be the greatest success. However, with a price that may reach $649, the features make it an ordinary tablet if we compare it with other devices of its class.

Probably such comments are too early to take for granted. We should wait for more news about the unpacked event of August.

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