Xiaomi: a better camera quality thanks to Google Pixels

Leaks from Xiaomi revealed that the Chinese are preparing a newer camera feature. In fact, it seems that Xiaomi is adopting the Top Shot feature from Pixel 4. This feature is called the “AI Shutter”.

To start with Xiaomi cameras quality is not the bad in market. However, with the competition that we will see this summer, Xiaomi has decided to add more features. The top Shot feature is what Xiaomi adding to the new phones. The Top Shot feature makes the user have multiple photos and pick the best picture from them. Although the principle is simple, software is not the strength of Xiaomi. Besides, users could meet this functionality in Pixel 3 or a Pixel 4.

So why does the Chinese company choose to add it?

The answer is simple. Smart phones are more today about cameras quality, clarity and features.

Leaks from Xiaomi revealed also that the enterprise has already prepared and will update it into the latest beta versions of MIUI 12. Xiaomi has called this feature the “AI Shutter”.

The leaks also reveals that the AI Shutter will focus more on pressing the button and waiting till the feature selects the best shot quality. This allows the user to save much of the battery charge in comparison of the Top Shot feature.

This feature looks unsurprisingly promising. However, it’s not available yet in MIUI 12.

Whether this feature will be a corner stone for Xiaomi is not sure. However, we are all aware the Smart phone market is more about the best camera quality than any other feature.

We all need to wait until the new update to see whether Xiaomi will win the competition with the Best Smart Phones as iPhone and Samsung. Until that do you think that Xiaomi will have a great success with this new feature?If yes, you can comment in the section below and let us know what you think.

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