a connected t-shirt is to be released soon by Xiaomi

As we see every day a new tendency in the smart technology, Xiaomi has released a connected t-shirt for athletes. Presently, this novelty in Xiami armada of products is available for the Chinese market. However, it will soon come out to the western markets. This new connected t-shirt carries an electrocardiogram to measure the wearer’s heart rate.

Xiaomi continues to diversify its products. Previously The giant Chinese company announced the launch of a cheap e-reader. Now, Xiaomi is offering a connected t-shirt dedicated to athletes.

Connected t-shirt 2.0 price

Although Xiaomi hasn’t yet released the t-shirt in the western market, it’s believed that the price will not be as higher as that in China. The early release of the newest product of the company reached $ 40.

The smart t-shirt performance: A lightning-fast EKG

The Mija Sport ECG-T is equipped with a sensor capable of measuring micro-currents in the body during physical activity. Via a small module attached to the Tee shirt on the chest part and the Mi Home app, it is possible to obtain a complete electrocardiogram in just one minute.

Since the T-shirt is in contact with the entire upper part of the body, the results remain much more precise, compared to what the optical sensor of a traditional connected bracelet offers. Users can also monitor their heart rate using a colored LED located in the middle of the same module.

Do you think the smart t-shirt will be a huge success for Xiaomi? Let’s wait until the product reaches the western markets to see more about it.

Meanwhile, you can check out the video below about the smart t-Shirt.

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