Amazon Satelite: $ 10 billion to launch 3000 satellites into orbit

Amazon Staelite project will have a huge boost soon. The expanding company announced the investment of over $ 10 billion to launch more than 3000 satellites into orbit. Amazon intends to accomplish its ambitious project. The objective of the Amazon Satellite is to provide high-speed internet access to different parts of the world.

Soon, Amazon is intending to occupy our orbit with a fleet of more than 3000 satellites. The e-commerce company has obtained permission from the US authorities to deploy an armada of 3236 satellites in low orbit. In order to realize this ambitious project (called Project Kuiper), the American company has invested no less than $ 10 billion.

The Amazon Satelite project is a demonstration of Amazon plans to offer high-speed internet access. This project is oriented toward areas of the world with no connection. First, Jeff Bezos wants to bring internet coverage to all white areas in the United States. Homes, schools, hospitals and businesses will be the first benificatirs of the Amazon Satelite internet. Also, Phone operators will be able to rely on Project Kuiper to deploy 5G and other services in any region of the world.

Amazon competes with SpaceX in the project

“We have heard so many stories recently about people who cannot work or study because they do not have a reliable internet at home. Amazon Satelite will change this situation. Our 10 billion investments will create jobs and America’s infrastructure will help us bridge the gap, ”

Dave Limp, vice president of Amazon.

In fact, Amazon is not the only one to want to launch into the “internet of space”. SpaceX has been the pioneer to launch Starlink. Starlink is a huge project that aims to provide 1 Gbps internet access anywhere on the planet. With the ambition to send up to 30,000 satellites into orbit, Elon Musk has already revealed that the 1st internet access via Starlink will launch in 6 months. 450 Starlink satellites are already in low orbit around the Earth.

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