Android 10 features: Now available on most Smartphones

We can now discover Android 10 features on our smart phones. Google has already launched the Android 10 in mi 2019. However, it’s just now that we can see more smart phones has its updates. We will talk to you about the android 10 major features and new updates.

It took now over 6 months to see the android 10 coming to most devices. In fact, the majority now have the new android version except for minority budget devices who should await the new updates soon.

The fact that many users are starting the android 11 Beta public while the old version is still coming is to some extent funny. However, with the updates on the android 11, we can say that users should be satisfied.

Android 10 major features:

Among the new features in the android 10 is the “Dark Mode”. We can see that most exploitation systems are enabling this functionality as users spend so much time on their mobiles.

Other new features in the android 10 are the Gesture Navigation and Focus Mode (shutting all off notifications), Digital Wellbeing.

Smart reply is also added to android 10. This chractertics consists of suggesting responses to your emails on Gmail. We know this functionality in Google Chrome. And know it’s available in our device.

Another great feature is the Multitasking feature. Google seems to imitate Facebook Messenger chat heads. Now you can use your Messages and Hangouts while you smoothly consult other panels on your device.

Privacy is also introduced in this android 10 update. Now users have more control of their personal data. In simple words, the new exploitation system make it easy for users to control over their personal infos as app access, location, shared files, photos and videos.

We have to remind that 5G is supported is the new android 10.

These points represent the major android 10 characteristics. We have other features to review in details soon. So stay tuned!

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