What you should consider before buying TVs in July 2020

The 4th July sales season is so near and most of us have targeted deals to think about as the prices are even lower than those of the black Friday. If you are planning on having TV deals in July, Here are some advices on the cheapest TV’s with the best advantages.

Buy a TV with smart features:

Back in the past, smart TV were something of a science fiction but no longer now. Today, a TV with smart capabilities has lots of advantages. You are able to stream your preferable content online, Watch YouTube or any other videos. If you choose the old days fashion, you can simply disconnect but be sure that in 2020 a smart TV is a must.

4K resolution and no less in your TV:

We have to admit that TV sets evolved immensely in the past few years to the level that a 4K today is a resolution that features a standard. Of course a 1080p is fine but if you want to choose the standard resolution, then you’d better add it to your basket.

Extended warranties are worthless:

Generally, a TV comes with a one year warranty. That’s more than fine. All the marketing techniques that urge you to pay more for an extended warranty is valueless. Just don’t pay for it.

HDR compatible TVs:

The best options are HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision or HLG. Of course, 5 HDR is existent but if you prefer better colors and realistic resolution with calibrated contrast, then those are the best to choose.

Avoid refurbished TVs:

Alright, refurbished TVs raise debates a lot. For some, they are great deals while for others they are completely the opposite. We encourage you not to ovoid buying refurbished TVs for the simple reason that you or you may not have what you paid for. If we add shipping fees that will make it a risky step.

Choose the 49-inch TV

That option also depends on your space and on other factors. If you have worries about space, a 49 inch TV or even less may be the great deal for you. This TV is, also, cheaper while it provides what we are looking for.

Those points can depend on other factors of course but remember that 4K TV with smart capabilities and a strong HDR are the best to look for in July 2020.

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What you should consider before buying TVs in July 2020